All you can do is say “moo”.

Did you know that 90% of people’s impression comes from non-verbal communication? We have come up with a card game “Cow and Cheese” which verbal communication is not allowed. The only way to win this game is to communicate by using your facial expressions and by changing the nuance of “moo”.


How to play

Agricultural Cooperative (1) … Tell the farmer what kind of dairy products and how much you want.
Farmer (1) … Tell the cows what was told by the agricultural cooperative.
Cow (3) … Make the exact dairy product and the amount that was told.

Milk … 10
Cheese … 10
Yogurt … 10

Team Human and Team Cow gets 5 of each card.
*Make sure the agricultural cooperative is holding the card in Team Human*
The cows shuffle the cards and pick 5 each from the deck.
*Do not show your cards to teammates. *

1. The agricultural cooperative picks out the product they want and pass the cards to the farmer. Make sure the cows do not see them.
ex.) 1 Milk, 3 Cheese, 1 Yogurt

2. The farmer looks at the card and tell the cows what kind and how much products are needed only by using gesture. No speaking allowed.

3. “Start your mooing!”
3minutes of discussion will be given to the cows. No gestures, only “moo”.

< Mission for the cows >
Think what the farmer wanted to tell. Then, discuss with the other cows who gives out what kind and how many of the products only by saying “moo”. Do not show your cards.

4. When the time is up and the agricultural cooperative makes a cue, each cow gives out their guessing cards on the table.

5. Mission will be completed when the total of products the cows produced matches the products that are in need. If it doesn’t, you go to the next round.

< 2nd Round Building cows’ strategy >
2 minutes of discussion for strategy will be given to the cows.
*This round can be used to make the rules of mooing. *

< 3rd Round Drawing the answer >
The farmer draws a picture of the answer. Still, cows must communicate and produce as requested.


After playing few games, it becomes easier for the cows by knowing what type of strategy they are going to use. Even if other people don’t know what is going on, the cows are having just the conversation they need. Getting over a difficult mission makes the team closer. Also, you will get your non-verbal communication skills before you know.
We Event Rangers are producing company events for teambuilding using card games. Please contact us if you have any interest.

Get through accidents with your imagination!
The game “CAT & CHOCOLATE” is to get over accidents by using your items and imagination.

6 players with 3 cards sits around the table with the accident deck faced down in the middle. When the top card on the deck gets flipped over, the player up must get over the accident by using the same number of items that are on the back of the next card. The game will go on until the “end card” comes out. There is no correct answer to this game. What you have to do is to get the majority to support your answer. This game can strength your imagination and expression which leads to teamwork.


Solve the mystery of the Cthulhu Manor

Murder mystery games are said to have histories of being played during dinner parties in the western countries. These games are also called “murder roleplaying” or “mystery night” and are still popular today.
The conditions of winning differ by which character you are going to play. Each person has “a personal purpose” and must cooperate with others to solve the mystery. And the most interesting part of the game is that you can never play the same scenario again.
The game we are introducing is “Kuzuryu-kan no satsujin”, which means “The murder at the Cthulhu Manor”. This story starts off by medium’s dead body being found at an old manor where a séance was held a day before. There are 9 suspects. They all have different back grounds, but does the legend of “monster ruling people in the ancient times” have something to do with them?
The game will start once you decide your characters and explaining the background of the story. What you can do is to “discuss”, “investigate”, and “have a secret talk”. Figure out who the murder is from the hints you get.